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Cutie Computer
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(The pilot’s politically incorrect cockpit assistant- A tasteless pilot accessory)

The Pilot’s Cutie Computer is a fully functional time/ distance/ and fuel consumption computer (with plotter) offered in a unique gag gift format. The Cutie Computer is uniquely designed to draw pilot attention to the vital information necessary for navigation calculations enroute.

This cockpit device is equipped with many interesting handles, grips and other attractive features to assist the adult pilot in planning and getting off the ground. All of this of course while observing the course lines and those treacherous dips and valleys which can make navigation difficult in unfamiliar territory. Many pilots are familiar with this phenomena.

Cutie Computer is NOT just another pretty face at the airport.


How it works:

Distance is measured on Sectional charts, "toe-to-toe", and indicated opposite the white ‘miles’ pointer located at the top of Cutie’s derrière (distance is doubled when reading on WAC charts).

Ground speed is measured by setting the time enroute (BLUE scale) opposite the distance traveled on the WHITE scale. Ground speed is then read opposite the BLUE arrow on the white scale.

Gallons Per Hour is measured by setting the Blue Index opposite gallons per hour. Read the total fuel consumed opposite the total time enroute.


Aluminum finished in copper anodizing.

Your Cutie is waiting!

$15.50 while supplies last


(602) 740-5546

FAX (484) 762-6711


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